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App Bid

App Bid - Wanna buy something? Ask if any sellers who has your needed product, not need to search and find in anywhere. Do you want to sell something? Bid requests, wait for the buyer to contact you.  Get a business, so easy!

Play In HK

Play In HK is talk about the locations, fun activities, contacts of some play relevant organizations in Hong Kong.

Dr. Vocab

Dr. Vocab is an app that helps the kids to learn the English vocabulary with the vocabulary card, game(questions) and game revision.

Smile Lottery

Smile Lottery(笑笑幸運抽) is a lottery game for customer to draw a sentence that makes them and their friends more fun. And it is available on Google Play Store.

Kids Maths

Kids Maths is an app designed for teaching kids Mathematics. With a large question bank provided by professional teachers, kids can learn Mathematics by answering the questions along with mini games.

Baby English

Baby English is an app designed for teaching kids English. Similar to our product "Kids Maths", we aim at letting kids learning English with fun.


CoryzaCloud is cloud storage website. It provides file storage and file management services. Users can access the file services via Internet, by simple drag & drop actions. CoryzaCloud targets for Enterprise users so it is more secure than Google Drive, such that, all file transfers are through HTTPS in order to improve the security.

Kinect Smart

KinectSmart is an award winning smart home application. It works with the Microsoft Kinect (a depth camera) that enables user to control appliances easily with hand gestures. This work received the second runner-up prize in the Kinect Creative System Development Competition, which is co-organized by Microsoft Hong Kong and HKFYG Media 21.

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